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Bongani is the first African Cigar brand. Our cigars are made in Mozambique and we are gradually growing our presence across Africa, the US and Europe.

Africa is very well positioned to produce excellent cigars as we haves rich soils, lots of water and sun and a long history growing tobacco.

Bongani means “Be Grateful”. Be grateful for life, family and friends. Be grateful for Africa, our people and Africa’s resources.


We brought a team of cigar rollers from the Dominican Republic to train our team of Mozambican cigar rollers to the same level of expertise as in the D.R.

The first team of accomplished cigar rollers graduated in 2017 and we are now training a second generation.


The external leaf of the cigar is called the wrapper, it is a very important component of any cigar. Our wrapper comes from Cameroon; it is one of the best cigar wrappers in the world.

We grow our tobacco in Manica Province in Mozambique and soon in Nigeria and also use some of the best tobacco from around the world.

Our cigars are aged in cedar from Ghana. This gives them a unique and rich flavour as Ghanaian cedar is very richly and heavily scented.

Our cigars are full bodied and medium to strong in strength. The draw is agreeable, not hard, and the burn very balanced – guaranteed!

We produce our cigars in 3 vitolas: Robusto (50 gauge), Bongani 458 Short (58 gauge, 10.5cm) and Bongani 458 Long (58 gauge, 14.5cm)

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