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Want to Smoke Africa’s Award Winning Cigars
for under $10 each?

Get a monthly cigar subscription and save 20%.

Don’t fly to Africa – let the smokey spirit of Africa fly to you, and celebrate your joyous moments with Bongani cigars.

Enjoy Africa’s first award-winning, hand-rolled luxury cigars on auto-pilot, and never miss another discount. Puff on creamy, earthy, and peppery cigars, hand-rolled in the world-class Cameroon Wrapper. Our cigars are rolled by one of Dominican Republic’s top cigar rollers, and aged in the first Ghanian Cedarwood humidor from West Africa.

On top of guaranteed steep discounts, we reward you for taking the easy route. Earn reward points on autopilot month after month, and smoke free cigars.

Discovery Pack

$ 38.7

$ 29 / month

  • 3 Cigars – Robusto + 458 Gordo + 658 Toro
  • First order includes a free lighter and a free cutter
  • Permanent 20% savings every month
  • Points automatically build up so you can smoke-free cigars on the holidays
  • Cancel anytime with one simple email


How long is the shipping?
We ship Bongani cigars within 2 to 3 business days.
Where do you ship from?
Our cigars are made in Maputo, Africa. But once they’re ready for sale, we ship them out of Florida.
How long has Bongani been around?
Bongani Cigars has been around since 2016, when we released our first beloved Bongani Robusto.
Do these cigars actually taste delicious, creamy, peppery, and have a smooth, silky draw?
Do they smell strong? My significant other hates the smell of cigar ash.
No, our cigars have a faint, pleasant aroma. One that your significant will actually enjoy.

According to Glenn’s wife – who said “My wife (who is not a cigar lover) commented that the Bongani smelled better than the others I had been smoking.”

Questions? Shoot me an e-mail: kamal@bonganicigars.com

Your first order will go out within two business days. All shipments will be delivered on the first Friday of the calendar month. No commitment/cancel at any time.

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