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Bongani 658 Toro – Box of 20


A raw bouquet of Cocoa, Coffee Beans, Cedar, and Wood exude a lingering zest to transfix the senses on the cold draw. The lips tingle with creamy spices at the outset. Notes of Cocoa, Leather, and Pepper converge on the palate upon lighting up. Make no mistake, the Cigar is full-bodied. I believe what endears, is its blend of intricate flavour and potency. It’s a balancing act only the most capable Cigar-Makers can pull off.

Cocoa, ground Coffee and Cedar develop across the initial third of the Cigar. Each draw is smooth and perfectly dense. This Bongani is savoury and best enjoyed at a measured pace. As the halfway point nears, the peppery side of the blend intensifies thanks to the Cigar’s impeccable crafting of filler. This lends complexity to the blend, which is held together by a wonderful Cameroon wrapper leaf. The Bongani 458 Long is a rich, spicy smoke, with pleasant hints of Chocolate. It’s a delicious Cigar.

Despite its looming kick, this Bad Boy shies away from becoming bitter or unapproachable in any way. Its smooth and seductive taste makes pausing in between draws a challenge. It’s difficult to put this Bongani down. (Charles Kennington, Kennington Cigars)

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